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Starting at $28 per walk, with an exclusive discount for recurring clients!

Lunch Time Rush

Lunch Time Rush

Tired of rushing home during your lunch break every day to relieve your pet? Wish you could enjoy a bite to eat with your coworkers?

Forget the stress of noonday traffic and allow Golden Tails to lend a paw.

We’ll pop in and take your fur baby out for an afternoon stroll, allowing your pup to stretch his or her legs and get down to business while you enjoy your lunch! 

Fast Paws Dog Walk

Fast Paws Dog Walk

Chewed up shoes. Ripped up furniture. Trash strewn all over the house because your pup went digging through the garbage again. Eek! These are all signs of an energetic pup who needs more play in their day.

We help your fur baby get the attention and exercise he or she needs to burn off the zoomies, so you can come home to a rested pet with a wagging tail, who is ready to relax with you.

Play Time Dog Walk

Play Time Dog Walk

Stuck in an important work meeting? Feel bad leaving your dog home alone? Uneasy about dropping your fur baby off at a doggy daycare or kennel? Play Time Dog Walks are the perfect way for your pup to enjoy some company in the middle of the day.

We’ll provide your pet with plenty of love, attention, and play time.

Dog walks include potty breaks, playtime with your pet’s favorite toys, feeding, and lots of love!

Furry Coworker Walks

Furry Coworker Walks

You’ve always dreamed of staying home and chilling with your dog, but now that you’re working from home, you may be realizing that your pup needs just as much attention as your to-do list!

We’re here to help you stay productive while your dog has a walk-from-home day of their own! We’ll get your furbaby out and moving, so you can take your conference calls in peace and enjoy chill-time together when it’s time to log off.

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