8 Valentine’s Day Plans for You and Your Pup

It’s finally here –  Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, and whether you have a significant other or if you are a single pringle, you can make your Valentine’s Day extra special by spending time with your pet! There are tons of ways for you to get your dog involved, no matter how you like to celebrate. They’ll be so happy to join in the fun! Here are our picks for the perfect Valentine’s activities that can get your furry friends in the spirit:

1. Go on a doggie date!

Show your pet some love this Valentine’s Day and take your puppy out on a doggie date! Check out your local dog-friendly cafes. If your dog is comfortable around other animals, this is such a fun way to spend some time with your furry friend. It’s a great choice if you want to treat your pup to a new experience, and lots and lots of treats!

2. Pick up a puppicino!

If you’ve ever been to your local drive-thru coffee shop, you might know that they have some special treats just for dogs! Puppicinos, or pup-cups, are a simple whipped cream treat. It’s sure to get your cuddle buddy in the spirit for V-Day. Make sure to snap a pic — especially if your pup gets a whipped-cream-stache!

3. Have a Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot!

Does your dog strike a pose like no other? Then have a photoshoot with your pup! Snap some simple photos with your furry family members, or dress them up. Valentine’s outfits are encouraged! It will be so fun to capture the moment. Don’t forget to give them lots of kisses too!

4. Pick out a new toy!

Are you and your dog in the mood for some retail therapy? There’s no better way to celebrate than to give them a little gift! It’s always extra special when our dogs get to pick out a new toy.  Check out Woof Gang Doral for a new plushy, a kong ball, or a squeaky toy could help make sure your puppy isn’t left out of the Valentine’s gift-giving this year. They’ll be so excited!

5. Make time for a puppy spa day!

If your puppy is a fan of bath time or loves to be pampered a little bit, then Valentine’s Day is a great time to have a spa day at home! Relax in style with your favorite tunes and your favorite fluffy friend. Give your dog a bath with extra bubbles and spend some time giving your fur-baby some five-star treatment — the more belly rubs the better!

6. Have a paw-some night in!

If you’re anything like us, you love a good rom-com! Sometimes, spending a night in with your dog is just what the doctor ordered. So, this Valentine’s Day cuddle up on the couch with your puppy and grab the remote! Snuggles make any day better, and this is no exception. Catch up on your favorite series or put on an old movie favorite and share some pup-corn with your dog!

7. Bake some pupcakes!

Sweet treats make any holiday better! Since our furry friends can’t have chocolate like we can, make their Valentine’s Day a little sweeter with pupcakes. Pumpkin and peanut butter flavors are always a crowd-pleaser that your pup is sure to enjoy! We recommend this fun recipe that looks so good even we wanted to take a bite.

8. Take a drive and go to the park!

Does your pup love to go on drives? We know ours do! It’s always an adventure every time a dog gets in the car, so it would be extra special to take a drive to some of their favorite spots this Valentine’s Day. If you know your cuddle buddy loves a certain dog park or the smell of that one beautiful part of town, GO! Cruising with your best buddy is an easy way to get out and about to make your V-Day even brighter!


These are some of our favorite ways to involve our pets in the fun… But if you find that you need a little time to yourself this Valentine’s Day, or if you need some help getting your puppy some exercise, give us a call or schedule a walk online. Our Golden Tails dog walking team is always here to help!

If you try any of these things, be sure to take some pictures of your Valentine’s Day antics and tag us @goldentailsdogs! No matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, make sure to show your cuddle buddy lots of love — ’tis the season for lots of kisses and belly rubs!

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